The Termite Detective

Meet The Termite Detectives

 Chris, Nancy, Bill

Bill Eardley, Chief Inspector

After moving to Cape Coral, Florida in 1994, Bill got into the pest control business and discovered that he had a real knack for finding termites.

With a nationally known pest control company, he was originally given a very small geographical area of responsibility but expanded it quickly due to word of mouth recommendations based on his knowledge, honesty and integrity.  His ability to communicate with and educate an extremely diverse client base resulted in his achieving President’s Club status at the national level with this well-known company. 

After starting his own business, he continued his education and is now a fully Certified Pest Control Operator who can practice Fumigation, General Household Pests and Rodent Control, and Termite and Other Wood Destroying Organism Control. 

His reputation and work ethic precedes him. He’s widely considered one of the best in the business with many satisfied clients!  

Nancy Eardley, Detective 1st Class

Nancy has always been a hands-on office administrator so when Bill started The Termite Detective, she immediately set to work creating an office structure from which he could function professionally. Because she devoted her time to learning his occupation in order to prop
erly set up the organization, she became quite knowledgeable of the termite inspection industry. As the client-base grew, it was a natural progression for her to become an active partner in the business.  

She’s been trained by one of the best in the industry.  In fact, he said he trained her better than he himself was trained oh-so-many-years-ago, so you can be confident of receiving the very best service possible when you hire The Termite Detectives.

Chris Allen, Detective 1st Class

Chris Allen has come to The Termite Detective via Wisconsin and Afghanistan!  After working in the pest control industry up in Wisconsin…yes, they have lots of bugs up there, too…. and then accepting a two-year contract job in Afghanistan, Chris and his wife, Gail, are now right down here in SW Florida. 

He has, happily for both him and us, returned to the pest control industry and while Florida has a more diverse variety of insects than Wisconsin, Chris has quickly added "Palmetto Bugs" and various other SW Florida species to his knowledge base.  We know that you will find that his professionalism, expertise and friendliness make him a valuable addition to The Termite Detective team!

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